Revolutionize IT Service Management: An introduction to GLPI Network

GLPI Network emerges as a powerful IT service management solution, streamlining ITSM processes and empowering organizations to optimize IT assets, incidents, and service requests. ITSM encompasses a range of processes, tools, and strategies that enable IT teams, and with GLPI Network’s superpowers, these teams can enhance productivity, ensure high service quality, and meet the diverse demands of modern organizations. 

In the following sections, we will explore how GLPI Network tackles the challenges faced by IT teams and propels IT service delivery to new heights. So, get ready to discover the ITSM hero that may transform your organization.

What is GLPI Network?

GLPI Network is an advanced IT service management software that serves as a central hub for organizations to streamline and optimize their IT service delivery. Developed as an open-source solution, GLPI Network provides a powerful set of features and functionalities to effectively manage IT assets, incidents, service requests, and knowledge resources. This robust platform empowers IT teams to enhance productivity, ensure high service quality, and meet the diverse demands of modern organizations.

GLPI Network as a comprehensive open-source ITSM solution

GLPI Network isn’t your run-of-the-mill software; it’s a one-stop-shop for all your IT service management needs. Whether you’re handling IT assets, resolving incidents, fulfilling service requests, or managing knowledge resources, GLPI Network has got your back. 

Asset management

Imagine having a powerful central hub that keeps track of all your IT assets, like a vigilant guardian. 

With GLPI Network, this becomes a reality as it provides a centralized repository to manage and track IT assets throughout their lifecycle.  This feature facilitates efficient asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and inventory management, giving you 360° control of your IT and business infrastructure. GLPI Network’s asset management capabilities include hardware, software, data centers, SIM cards, and dashboards.

  • Hardware: Manage and inventory computers, monitors, network devices, printers, and more, with a multitude of information fields available for each asset.
  • Data Centers: Integrate and manage different data centers, along with the server rooms and elements contained within them.
  • Software: Effectively manage software and their versions, including licenses, whether associated or not with specific versions.
  • SIM cards: Keep track of SIM cards, store operators, lines, and their statuses.
  • Dashboards: Get a comprehensive overview of your IT assets and business infrastructure through powerful dashboards.

Incident tracking and management

When incidents strike, you need a superhero that acts with lightning speed. 

With GLPI Network’s robust incident management module/helpdesk, you can be that superhero for your organization’s IT support. Easily organize and manage incidents and requests, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

  • Tickets: Whether it’s an incident or a request, GLPI lets users choose the right category. Assign tickets to specific user groups or individuals for efficient incident management.
  • Problems: Empower your team to address issues promptly. GLPI’s Problem feature enables you to inform, assign, and plan actions with ease. Categorize problems based on urgency, impact, and priority for swift resolution.
  • Changes: Introduce new elements or processes effortlessly. GLPI’s Change feature streamlines the resolution of problems and facilitates smooth planning, budgeting, and tracking.
  • Planning: Stay on top of IT tasks and projects. GLPI’s planning feature helps monitor progress and gain a holistic view of your company’s activities.
  • Statistics: Unleash the power of data insights. GLPI’s statistics feature offers valuable information about tickets, resolution times, and more to improve your IT support.
  • Recurrent tickets: Automate routine tasks. Schedule tickets to open at regular intervals, reducing manual efforts and ensuring timely actions.
  • Forms: Simplify incident reporting and resolution. Create custom forms for users, making it easy to submit tickets and change requests.

Financial management

With GLPI as your trusty companion, you can effortlessly track expenses, contracts, and suppliers, like a seasoned financial wizard. 

Track expenses, contracts, and suppliers seamlessly, and create new inventory objects effortlessly. GLPI enables you to manage your user database and generate insightful reports, providing a comprehensive view of your organization’s financial landscape.

  • Management
    • Experience ultimate control with GLPI’s administration tools.
    • Materialize contracts with precision, defining key details like billing periods and intervention hours.
    • Seamlessly integrate suppliers and link them to vital GLPI objects.
    • Master budget implementation and financial planning with ease.
  • Licenses & certificates
    • Manage software licenses and link them to your assets.
    • Integrate certificates, sharing vital information like DNS and expiration dates.
  • Clusters & domains
    • Effortlessly manage clusters, their dependencies, materials, and related objects.
    • Stay on top of domains, tracking financial and administrative data and linking them to relevant tickets and changes.
  • Appliances & orders
    • Create custom appliances with various inventory items, directly managing them with Helpdesk integration.
    • Manage orders efficiently, linking products and tracking bills effortlessly.

Project management

Imagine having a powerful central hub that keeps track of all your projects, collaborators, and deadlines, like a vigilant guardian.

Managing projects can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. With GLPI at your side, you can navigate through the complexities with ease and efficiency, turning your projects into resounding successes.

  • Kanban board & GANTT

Visualize your projects on the dynamic Kanban board, enabling you to track progress and manage tasks effortlessly. Create GANTT charts to plan and allocate resources effectively.

  • Timeline & reminders

Stay on track with project timelines and set reminders for crucial events, ensuring deadlines are met, and your team stays informed and focused.

  • Knowledge Base & RSS feeds

Centralize your internal knowledge with GLPI’s knowledge base, providing users with self-help resources to solve simple issues independently. Integrate private or public RSS feeds to keep your team well-informed.

  • Reservations & reports

Efficiently manage equipment bookings with the reservations module, ensuring availability and resource utilization. Generate insightful reports on equipment, financial data, and more with GLPI’s powerful reporting tools.

  • Saved search & alerts

Save time with GLPI’s search engine, allowing you to access previous searches instantly. Set up alerts with automatic actions for proactive notifications on critical events.

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Imagine having a powerful tool at your disposal that allows you to define entities, create profiles, and manage access to information effortlessly.

Take charge of user management and directory roles effortlessly with GLPI’s robust administration features. From defining entities and creating profiles to controlling access and setting up rules, GLPI empowers you to streamline your organizational hierarchy and optimize Helpdesk and Inventory workflows.

  • GLPI Rules & automation

Discover GLPI’s rules engine to automate various actions and associations, ensuring seamless management across tickets, assets, and more. Customize rules to match your specific processes and improve overall efficiency.

  • Profiles & groups

Create and manage diverse profiles within GLPI, such as Admin, Hotliner, Supervisor, and more. Efficiently group identical elements across different entities for better organization and management.

  • Hierarchy with Entities

Organize your organization into hierarchically structured groups using GLPI’s entities. Isolate departments, offices, or units within a single instance of GLPI for clearer organizational visibility.

  • Logging

Stay informed and track critical system events with GLPI’s log history. Access records of user logins, actions, and more to maintain a comprehensive audit trail.

  • Customize data with dictionaries

Tailor inventory data (software, manufacturers, titles) to match your specific needs using GLPI’s dictionaries, based on the powerful rules engine.

  • Efficient notification management

Stay on top of critical alerts with GLPI’s notification queue, which allows you to manage notifications from emails, browsers, and webhooks efficiently.

Service Catalog

Ever wanted to have an organized wonderland of IT services that cater to your users’ every need?

GLPI Network offers a user-friendly service catalog that allows organizations to define and publish IT services offered to end-users. It streamlines service requests and ensures consistent service delivery.


Picture yourself as the master of GLPI’s configuration realm, where you can add your brand’s logo, play with colors, and set up plugins like a pro!

Elevate your GLPI experience by customizing every aspect to align with your brand and workflow. Unleash the true potential of GLPI through its powerful configuration options, including branding, plugin management, SLAs, notifications, and more.

  • Custom branding & user authentication

Make GLPI truly yours by adding your logo, selecting a personalized palette of colors, and configuring presets for Assets and Assistance. Simplify user access with external authentication sources like LDAP directories, mail servers, CAS servers, x509 certificates, and web server delegation.

  • Efficient SLA management & powerful plugins

Ensure exceptional service delivery by defining formal contracts with GLPI’s SLA configuration. Elevate functionality and adapt GLPI to your unique needs by managing and configuring powerful plugins.

  • Enhanced dropdowns & receiver integration

Customize inventory titles effortlessly, modify types, models of objects, and operating systems, and more with GLPI’s dropdown feature. Import emails from mailboxes and transform them into tickets using the Receiver.

What’s the GLPI Network price?

Select from a range of flexible plans that cater to your organization’s unique requirements. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, you will find a plan for you.

Basic Plan: Simple yet powerful

  • 1 production instance and 1 test instance
  • Suitable for up to 500 assets or 10 users with a standard interface
  • Price: 1,200 € per year

Standard Plan: Stepping up the game

  • 2 production instances and 2 test instances
  • Suitable for up to 5,000 assets or 50 users with a standard interface
  • Price: 3,600 € per year

Advanced Plan: Elevating IT excellence

  • 4 production instances and 4 test instances
  • Suitable for more than 5,000 assets or over 50 users with a standard interface
  • Price: 12,000 € per year


GLPI Network emerges as an ITSM superhero that brings order and efficiency to the chaos of IT service management. With its comprehensive features, adaptability to diverse industries, and the power to scale from small organizations to enterprises, GLPI Network stands as the ultimate ally for modern IT teams. 

Consider embracing GLPI Network to elevate your IT service delivery, enhance collaboration among IT teams, and ensure a seamless end-user experience.


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