Real-world case studies: How Medusa is changing e-commerce

Imagine a world where an online shop can suddenly make 70% more sales, where local sellers become global stars, where a menswear brand goes global in just six weeks, and where a meal delivery service is customized just for you. Sounds amazing, right? 

Today, we’ll explore four stories that shed light on how Medusa, an open-source e-commerce platform, is making an impact. While the results are impressive, let’s dive into these tales with a realistic perspective.

Medusa case studies: Makro Pro – The omnichannel orchestra

Challenge: Orchestrating Orders at Scale

CP Axtra’s Makro PRO faced the difficult task of managing thousands of orders daily, each with a multitude of complex requirements.

Solution: Medusa as the conductor

Medusa took center stage as the central hub for order orchestration, simplifying complex fulfillment, custom integrations, and order management.

  • Handling more than 5 000 orders daily
  • Customized fulfillment coordination
    • 1st party fulfillment orders are directed to an in-house system specifically designed to manage the fulfillment process within Makro stores.
    • Meanwhile, 3rd party fulfillment orders are routed to Mirakl, a platform responsible for organizing Makro’s extensive network of third-party sellers.
  • Third-party seller network management
  • Unified order overview with real-time updates

Medusa case studies: Tekla – Boosting conversions

Challenge: Lack of customization and slow performance

Tekla, a textile brand, found itself stuck with a clunky WooCommerce setup. They struggled to provide the unique shopping experience they wanted for their customers, leading to a slow and inflexible online store.

Solution: Headless at its best

Medusa’s fully customizable architecture allowed Tekla to create a shopping experience aligned with their brand identity.

  • Headless architecture with scalable backend and Contentful as CMS
  • Multi-currency (at the moment, 6) support
  • Expansion into over 50 markets within days.
  • Automation of the return process
  • A 70% increase in conversion rates compared to their previous solution.
  • Automation of customer service processes, reducing response times.
  • Seamless integration with various tools and services (including Contentful, Stripe, PayPal, MeiliSearch, Segment, and more).
  • A unique customer experience, reflecting Tekla’s brand identity.

 Medusa case studies: Foraged – The global marketplace

Challenge: Complex vendor interactions

Foraged, a marketplace for fresh wild and specialty foods, grappled with connecting sellers and buyers. Existing platforms (based on WooCommerce) just couldn’t keep up with their unique requirements (resulting in performance issues and instalabilities).

Solution: Vendor dashboards and integrations

Medusa’s modular architecture stepped in to provide custom vendor dashboards and extensive integrations with outside services.

  • Customizable solutions for vendors, enabling them to manage their shops effortlessly.
  • Integration waitlist feature and adding follower lists
  • Integration with third-party services like Shippo, Auth0, Contentful, etc.
  • Enhanced user experience and performance.
  • Rapid development and frequent releases.
  • Future-proof scalability.

Medusa case studies: Palmes – The global expansion race

Challenge: Swift global expansion

Palmes, a menswear brand, dreamt of going global quickly. Traditional platforms slowed them down and couldn’t handle different currencies and regions.

Solution: Global reach in less than 6 weeks

Medusa offered multi-currency and regional support, empowering Palmes to expand worldwide.

  • Multi-currency and regional support for +40 markets.
  • Full tech-stack ownership and open-source flexibility.
  • Optimized checkout experience with various payment providers.
  • Fully automated return management.
  • On-brand, unique storefront design.
  • Hassle-free management of products, prices, and orders from a single dashboard.

Medusa case studies: Good Chef & Webbers – Subscription heroes

Challenge: Implementing a unique subscription model

Good Chef, a shock-frozen plant-based meal delivery service, needed a subscription model tailored to their needs. Existing platforms were too rigid for their vision.

~ We had used Magento and WooCommerce in the past, but they were not ideal for a modern headless stack. We tested Shopify, but then quickly hit a limit on how scalable and customizable the setup could be.
Daan van den Burg
Managing Partner at Webbers Agency

Solution: Bespoke subscription logic

Medusa’s customizable building blocks enabled a subscription system tailored to Good Chef’s unique requirements.

  • Medusa’s building blocks provided flexibility for custom subscription logic.
  • Independent payment methods and control over the subscription flow.
  • Custom data models to handle subscription offerings and Medusa’s cron jobs to check for subscriptions.
  • Streamlined developer experience for quick customization.
  • Medusa’s SDK approach for cherry-picking necessary functionalities.


E-commerce is a journey filled with challenges, but Medusa is proving to be a trusty guide. From elevating customer experiences to enabling global expansion and crafting custom subscription systems, Medusa provides practical solutions for real-world hurdles. As businesses navigate the complexities of online retail, Medusa stands as a steadfast companion for turning obstacles into opportunities.


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