Medusa Plugin Dashboard: Your e-commerce control center

Managing an online store can be tricky. Especially when you have to jump between different screens or reports. 

We saw room for improvement in the case of managing Medusa-based e-commerce. We decided to create a solution that lets you run your entire online store from a single, intuitive hub.

The Medusa Plugin Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview for e-commerce business owners to monitor and manage their store’s key performance indicators.

See your business in real-time

Making smart decisions requires relying on data. But endless numbers on spreadsheets can be overwhelming. They also don’t provide you with real-time insights. 

The Medusa Plugin Dashboard cuts through the clutter.

It presents you with essential metrics in a clear, easy-to-understand chart. As a result, you can check daily performance and identify any areas that need attention.

The dashboard presents real-time metrics such as revenue, orders, average order value, and refunds on an hourly graph. Its design ensures that these metrics are readily accessible, allowing for quick assessments of daily performance. 

Stay on top of every sale

You’ll never miss a beat with the activity feed. You can see every customer transaction as it happens. What’s more, you gain valuable insights into sales trends and which products are flying off the shelves. As a result, you can make smart inventory and marketing decisions to keep your customers happy.

A streamlined activity feed provides a chronological list of customer transactions. This feature allows for immediate insight into sales trends and product popularity, aiding in inventory and marketing decisions.

Focus on what matters most

Juggling a lot of moving parts may be a dark side of running a business. The Medusa Plugin Dashboard helps you stay organized. It does it by highlighting the most critical tasks that need immediate attention. For example, they can be products to ship, inventory to restock, and customer returns or swaps that require action. 

After you select an action, the plugin filters the relevant items within a modal window. As a result, you will be able to take care of everything without switching screens.  

The plugin prioritizes actionable tasks. It notifies the user of orders to fulfill, products to ship, inventory to restock, and swaps and returns to act on. After selecting the action you get filtered items in a modal that you need to act on without the need to move to a different page, ensuring that the most urgent operational needs are addressed promptly.

Built for flexibility and simplicity


For the UI the plugin uses as many Medusa UI components as possible, streamlining future design language updates. The custom components use atomic design principles, making it straightforward to extend by copying and modifying parts as needed.


For the graph components, the Medusa Plugin Dashboard uses visx, a modular visualization library that emphasizes minimalism and flexibility. Visx’s architecture keeps bundle sizes lean by splitting functionality into multiple packages, allowing us to include only the features necessary for our specific graph. 

Visx is deliberately un-opinionated. Whether it’s state management, animation, or CSS-in-JS solutions, visx adapts to the developer’s preferences without imposing additional burdens. This compatibility ensures that integrating visx into the Medusa Plugin Dashboard enhances it without complicating the overall architecture.

API routes

In developing the API routes for the Medusa Plugin Dashboard, existing services were leveraged wherever possible to keep the architecture lean and straightforward. This approach minimizes redundancy and ensures a more efficient, maintainable codebase.

For more information and technical specifications, please refer to the official documentation:

Turn insights into actions

By using the Medusa Plugin Dashboard you can:

  • Monitor real-time sales data to identify which items are trending. 
  • Track hourly sales, customer engagement with products, and the success of ongoing promotional campaigns. 
  • Adjust ad spending, launch flash sales on trending items, and optimize email marketing campaigns to capitalize on emerging trends.
  • Track items that are not selling as expected, prompting timely marketing efforts or decisions to discontinue stock. 
  • Ensure optimal stock levels. The dashboard allows for central management of inventory, ensuring each branch has optimal stock levels according to its specific demand.


The Medusa Plugin Dashboard equips you with the tools and insights you need to optimize operations, maximize sales, and keep your online store thriving. It is your one-stop shop for monitoring your online store’s health, so can you focus on efficiency and make informed decisions.


Ready to take full command of your e-commerce business?
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